Friday, April 24, 2009

Wedesday, my husband and I went to our first session of marriage counseling. I was a little nervous, because it's a pastor. I didn't know if I would feel comfortable with him, but since part of our marriage promblems is money, we don't have money to pay. So, I was desperate and willing to give him a try. We bothed liked him and agreed to go back. I am excited that maybe we can get back that loving feeling. My husband had to step out for a few to smoke and I got a few minutes to talk on my own. Which helps, because my husband tends to talk way toooo much. I told him a very quick version of Izzy and how my husband compares allowing my older son to live with his Dad and Izzy. He said, "wow that's got to hurt" Then he said, "That men don't know how to handle things.. so he is trying to beat it out of me" Those were his words, but I have told my husband that before.
When he asked us what the defition of love was? We both were wrong. He told us that love means sacerficing for the other... that you go without for them to get.. I was almost ready to say what??? Then he said, it only works if both parties are sacerficing for the other.
It was more of just getting information, but I feel like this really may help us.

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RB said...

I am so glad that your first session was a good experience and better than you anticipated. I hope it does truly help you and DH.