Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A few months ago, I called a aunt on my Dad's side. My Dad took us to visit her many times and we seen her when she came to our town. I asked her for some pictures of my aunts and uncles, because I am making a scrap book. Yesterday, I called her again and left a message and I hear from her today. I asked her again, except this time I told her why I was making the book. She knew that I had a child, but didn't know if it was a girl or a boy. It felt good to speak the truth. She said she would make sure my Dad knew that I had called. She said that he would be thrilled that I contacted her.

I will admit that I did a really mean post about adoption on my other blog. Sometimes I just want to yell to my family that adoption has affected me. I am tired of being silent. Let's see if anyone says anything.

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birthmom1986 said...

Don't be surprised if the A word doesn't show up. Everyone in your family, as in mine, has blood on their hands but nobody will take responsibility for not helping us when we needed them most.

Yeah. I get what you are saying, but don't expect any apologies or any recognition. My mother went to her grave a bitter old lady who never said I'm sorry or anything. The way my family, including my living father, if you don't mention the a word, then it didn't happen. Even though we have been reunited, it is still as if she wasn't even adopted and I didn't live those years in pain.

It still hurts.