Monday, March 30, 2009

Is your glass half full or half empty?

For some reason lately my glass is half empty. I have had a great vacation away from work,but I admit that I have been a bitch, because my husband out of my ten days off from work only worked three days.
My glass is half empty for several reasons.
  • Someone hit our new van and ran. My husband avoided the head on crash and they hit the side. I should be all happy that it was just minor damaged instead I am angry that they ran and there is no reason to call insurance company, because of the deductible. Instead I am angry that we can't seem to have anything nice without it being destroyed by someone.
  • Today I go to the YMCA and walk on the track and so looking forward to soaking in the hot tub and I forgot my towel. I should be happy that I managed to pay the Y for another month instead I am upset that I didn't get my soak.
  • I thought during my vacation that I had lost 5 to 10 lbs, because my scale said so. I wasn't trying to lose, but I think I have been more active and eating better and the Y's scale said I gained 5 lbs. Let's see what my client's scale says tomorrow
  • I have hair that gets good comments, but it bugs me that it feels funny. The lady who got it last said it felt fake.
  • I am happy that adoptive parents have told me that my story of being a birthmother has been helpful to them, but I am stuck on being upset, because I seen a blog where they were referring to the soon to be BirthMother has a BM. No women is a birthmother until she signs Tpr, but I don't get all worked up. however, calling them a BM is just plain rude. What is wrong with spelling Birthmother or BirthMom out. I would even take BMom but BM sounds like your calling her a shit.
  • I was really bugged with the weather on my vacation. We had rain and snow and just not too many warm days. I did get to walk my dog some, but I focus on the bad.
  • My husband can be a great guy, but I am too focused on that fact that he is barely working and has not supported our household in any way finanical in over a month. I don't want to give any guy a free ride, but kicking him out isn't the answer, because I work 24 hour shifts. When I think calmly I can see how he is so good with my kids that if I made more money I would be happy with him only working a few days a week.
  • I am upset that I might still have to cancel my membership with the Y. I should be okay with it, because I have two some equipment in the basement and I saved 20 a month by taking my husband off the membership. He never went anyways.
I am not always like this. Most the the time I can find the humor in anything. We spent a lot of time with furnace problems and spent many nights this past winter kind of cold. I have said several times it was okay, because we had a low gas bill. Or my husband's butt got really firm by going up and down the stairs fooling with it. We did end up getting a brand new furnace all the same one time 55.00 fee that we pay when something that is covered on our warranty on our house fails.

What about you guys. Is your glass half full or half empty?

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birthmom1986 said...

My glass is usually half full, however, it hovers on the half empty a lot because I tend to be a realist.