Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yesterday we threw a birthday party for my son. He turned 9 years old last week. We planned a party at home and hoped the children could play outside, but it was raining. So, my husband arranged for a pizza party where he works. We took the juice, cake and ice cream with us. We let my 14 year old know that he would have to drink juice too. Being that I am a adult I will order soda. My 14 year let us know before we left that he didn't think that was right. We told him that he is a kid and we can't let him order soda and the rest get juice.
The waitress who knows my pattern of drinking lots of soda brings me a pitcher along with a glass. I thought my son was doing very well. He wasn't showing a attitude or anything. So, I took one of the little glasses we brought and poured him some soda. That was all he got. He didn't ask for it. I just gave it to him. It's my way of explaining that your more likely to get stuff if you don't act up. When my husband seen that he had a glass of soda he was mad. He didn't think it was right.
Was I wrong in giving my son the soda?
The day kind of started off on a bad start. We wanted him to stay Sunday night with us and he already had plans to stay at his Grandma's and then when I called to warn him that I wasn't going to rush him home he went on about how he had plans with his friends and was expecting to be home by 6 pm. My son thought since I was picking him up at 2 pm that the party started at 2 pm. I explained to him that it's rude to show up for a party or dinner especially at your families to just eat and run. My son's overall behaved pretty good.
Just for the record my older son lives with his Dad, because he thought the grass is greener on the other side. I basically think he thought Dad would be more fun, because he let him get away with a lot of stuff on the every other weekend visit.
One more question for you guys. Do you think it's right that I ask my son if he wants to come for a extra visit? I think as a 14 year he should sometimes be able to say no. I typically see my son more than the every other weekend, but still think the child should have some say in if he wants to come over or not. Divorce is never easy.
On the adoption front. When I drove past Izzy's house as I always do when I drop my son off at his Dad's nothing looks changed. Don't worry I don't hang out in the area. I go by at about 45 mph. It just that I look for a For Sale sign or signs that they are moving. I see none. I do see 2 and sometimes 3 different vehicles there. I wonder is Izzy driving now? She is old enough. I wonder did they just give her a car? Or did they make her work for it?
I gave my son a scrap book page to make something of his own to include in my book. I will be excited to see what he comes up with. Well as bugs bunny from my time would say. That's all folks!
P.S. I forgot to say that party was great!! It was perfect. We had a total of seven kids and three adults and we had a great time. We let the kids pig out on pizza, cake and ice cream. The total cost for the pizzas were only 12.00 because of my husbands discount.

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