Friday, March 13, 2009

scrap book 101

If you are looking for a new hobby. Scrap booking is so much fun. Especially if you have kids. You can buy a kit that will help you get started. Although, before you buy the kit, really decide on how big you want the papers to be. My kit came with 8 inches by 11 inches papers. I have used them all up and need to buy more paper to keep working on my scrap book. Here is my down fall. You can buy packs of paper in the 12by12 or the 8by8 and it's probably cheaper this way. However, at the store I go to they only carry my size by paying them in single pages. There isn't as much variety compared to the other sizes. I am too far into the book to change now, but had I known I would have gone with the 12by12 book. I just thought I would pass on some friendly advice. Anyone have any tips on scrap booking.

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