Wednesday, March 4, 2009

egg baby

I had a memory surface to the core this morning. I was a ninth grader. I returned to school trying to get through that first year without Izzy. I was in heatlh class. I can't remember first or second semester. I remember it being hot, but that could be the beginning of the school year or the end. We all got the sex education. We had to pair up with students of the oppisite sex and pretend we had a child. Our children were eggs that had the stuff blown out of them. We had to decorate them. I had to carry around a egg for a week and my pretend husband had to carry it the next week. I don't know why this surfaced up in my dreams, but it did. I don't remember if it caused me stress pretending this egg was my baby or not. I think I was more stressed that I had to pretend to be married. I guess my overall point of this story was that it was a little too late to be teaching me sex ed. I learned the hard way! I really don't think carrying around eggs is a good tool to prevent people from having babies. Maybe make a young girl babysit about four kids at once might work better.
Well that's my two cents for the day.


BB said...

I'd guess that was pretty rough going through that and it isn't a positive memory. Isn't it funny how your subconsious can make memories materialize?

I was 12 when my sister was born and my mom "employed" me in the summer to be the nanny and housekeeper. She always said that it was the best birth control money could buy.

Now, I guess in those classes they have dolls with computer chips that make them cry when they need something and record it if you let them cry too long. I think it is better than an egg for sure, but still done way too late, as you said!

cindy psbm said...

I am so glad I never had to do this silly thing with the 'egg' in school!
There was alot of sex ed. in the schools I was in.
The one I remember the most was this guest speaker who described how a person dies from AIDS
in great great great great great detail.
Stopped me from having sex till I was a month away from 26!!

Andrew's Daddies said...

This would have been all wrong for me..because I would have wanted to get paired up with this guy Frank that I had a crush on...I'm sure my sex ed teacher would have paired me up with that girl Peggy who sat next to me...
This would have been extremely damaging to me

(wink and a smile inserted here)