Friday, March 6, 2009

Yesterday at work, (My clients home) I put the letter with the pictures in their mail box. It sat there for about 30 minutes, before the mailman came for the mail. I admit that part of me felt like taking it back. Sending off that letter gave me a real uneasy feeling. If I know the mail system the letter will get to them tomorrow. I am real nervous. Will they be jerks and ignore the letter even after I ask for a reply letter? I didn't plan it this way, but will Izzy bring the letter in on Saturday morning. Will she be able to give her 2 cents on what to do. It's going to be a long week or two.


BB said...

I'll cross my fingers for you!

Andrew's Daddies said...

I'm proud of you birthmom!
I'm hoping at some point Izzy will see this blog so she knows the feelings of her birthmom. I say keep writing and if they decide to write back and say "please stop writing"...then write her letters here, on this blog. Use this blog not only to get your thoughts down to help you release your emotions..but also to have for Izzy, when she enters your life with questions.

Good luck and I hope you get a response!!