Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tuesday we had an IEP meeting for Stephen. We made Alex get out or come with us. My husband feels that if we have to get out and do something then so should we.

Alex was sitting in the cold garage when we left. I swear he avoids us like we got a disease or something.

We left and came back about two hours later. I had to then take Stephen to a counseling appointment and when we get back it was 630 pm. Our meeting was at 230 and counseling was at 530p.

We decided to take a break of cooking and go out to dinner.

Alex was no where to be seen so we left without to eat dinner. We came back and got Stephen in bed about his normal bedtime.

Alex came home and when asked where he had been he said he was at the neighbor's house. This is the neighbor that is being his crutch and we are not happy about it. He has also gotten into some comprising situations with his neighbor who is a few years older than him.

Alex asked my husband for a ride and my husband gave in and Alex came home by our locking the door time. While my husband was out driving Alex, after dropping him off, he stopped at the store and bought some fruit.

He has the habit of buying in three's. 3 peaches, 3 oranges, 3 plums ect. My husband knows that I eat quite a bit of fruit in my new way of living off more of a well balanced diet.

The next day I pack my lunch and the 3 oranges are gone. This is not good. We were pissed and Alex got woke up and bitched at. I don't want my son to have an issue over eating food in our house. However, he ate 3 out of 3 of one thing. He chose to be gone during dinner time and missed out on a meal out. We rarely eat out as a family due to time contraints and money issues.

Even given the fact that he chose not to be home for dinner.. I wouldn't have really minded if he prepared a meal to the best of his ability. He could have made a couple PB&J sandwiches and had a peice of fruit but he chose to eat all 3 of one item.

It boils my blood how dispectful he is towards us and tends to avoid us as much as possible. We made him get up early today just like the rest of us and he ate breakfast at the counter with his butt towards the table instead of sitting with us.

We are debating having rules simliar to the shelter in our area. I don't want an household that is full of rage and what might seem like nit picking. I know when I talked to my friend about the 3 oranges it might have sounded petty. He did what? Ate 3 oranges!! Oh my call the police. LOL She didn't say that. I guess for me when we add up all the litthe things that seem petty it seems like a whole bunch of crap that is driving us crazy.

Sometimes, he acts as if he is dumb! I know he isn't dumb. He is very smart. But if he isn't dumb then he is being selfish and just cares about himself? I suppose the me me me thing is somewhat normal at this age.

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