Monday, January 14, 2013

Busy day!

Today was a busy day for me. I woke up and got Stephen off to school and lazed on the couch for two hours.

I volunteered for about two hours. I was a little late due to needing to run to my clients to pick up time sheets that I had forgotten there.

There were three boys in the nursery all of different races. I like seeing the variety. I hope no one takes offence to me mentioning the majority of ME#LD I seen were of one race. I like seeing that people of all races fall hard on their luck and that this nursery is helping everyone. Not that ME%LD didn't. I just only seen one night out of three so chances are it was more evened out but not sure.

There was a new Mom of a young baby about two months signing up and left the baby with them. I didn't get the chance to play with her though. I made lunch and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards so it wasn't really actually too much playing with children. It was okay with me cause three boys are a little wild. There was an older gentleman about 60 or so volunteering too. He said, his wife kicked his butt off the couch. It's good to see men involved even if the wife gave him a swift kick in the butt. The nursery people said they like having men around to help take care of children too. I am sure they offer something that women can't provide and the other way around.

I didn't sign up for next week. I put down to come back two weeks from today. I am going to try that out for a while and they said they appreaciate any time that we can give even if it's ten minutes.

After volunteering, I picked up my best friend and we went out to lunch. She hasn't been well and I been busy. We really haven't seen each other since Xmas eve. It was really nice to catch up with her. My husband knows that when we get together that its going to be at least hours before we leave each other's company.

I made homemade children soup!! LoL I mean chicken. I recently started cooking my chicken in the crockpot instead of just on the stove. Stephen helped pick the meat off the chicken. He is good at that and loves to snack on the chicken.

Stepehn said no one said thanks for me doing the chicken.I said thank you but no one said thanks for me for cooking it. My husband said no one said thanks for me setting the table. The only one who didn't have anyone to say no one said thanks.. was alex. He didn't do anything. He did say no one said thanks for me putting the dishes away. (it's his job) I said maybe we would have said thanks if I had gotten the dishes from the cabinet. Ha! I think the therory what we were all trying to say is that we are always doing stuff and don't always get thanks.

Lastly, I went to the Y after dinner on my own and worked out for a little over an hour. Using my heart moniter I burned over 600 calories during my workouts on the four different things I did.

I think I will find me a little something to eat before I sleep and call it a night.

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