Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's in the mail

I sent the notice of the court day to my children's father yesterday. It's certified mail and they said that they would try to deliever it on Monday and told me what they do if it goes undelivered. I know he isn't home to get the papers but wondering if his wife will accept it for him.

I am thinking of sending one to his work too but gonna give it time to see if I get cussed out in the next few days.

I am hoping that he isn't smart enough to realize that I am asking for it to be increased. All it says is asking for an adjustment due to his new job.

I feel better knowing that I have made this step to get the raise in child support. I made the court date pretty far away so he have plenty of time to make arrangemens.

I know there is always the chance that he isn't making as much as I think but both my Dad and my current husband have drove a semi and say it's a pretty good income level job.

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