Sunday, January 13, 2013

I haven't volunteered for the kids place in about 3 weeks. I missed a couple Mondays due to the holidays. (they close for them and only open if neeeded) I meant to come in the Friday at one of the holidays but I didn't think about how my son was home from school and didn't want to leave him to go be with other children. So I called and told them to mark me down for this Monday.

The truth is that my heart wants to be there weekly because I do enjoy it. However, my body says I am tired. I want to see friends. I want to hang with my family.. I work 6 days a week between my regular job and Sunday babysitting job. I spend about 6 hours a week at the Y so time is limited and valuable to me.

If money wasn't an issue. I would gladly trade in one work day for a volunteer day but that's not my reality. My goal was to sign up bi weekly anyways but I am always drawn to sign right back up for the next Monday.

One time when I skipped a Monday by not signing up or signed up for less hours. I don't remember to be exact.. The worker asked me if I was working more at my job? I am not working anymore than normal but I am tired. I always feel like they appreciate my time but the question did strike me as odd.

I think the big trick in life is trying to find the balance between family, work, me time and friends. I don't want any area that I mention to suffer so while volunteering is important I can't let it take a priority over any of the above.

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