Monday, January 7, 2013

The cat is out of the bag

My ex sent me a text asking about the letter I sent since he isn't home to get it.

I replied. "ajustment of child support"

He replied, "you might think I am making more money but I am not. I am making minumin wage.

I didn't respond.

He wrote again. "I get 11 cents a mile and it's not as much as you think"

I wrote, Well, "alex is 18 so we need to get that adjusted.

He wrote, " I figure since I am behind that I just leave it for a bit"

My husband and I did some research and the company is team driving and getting they are sharing 22 cents for every mile the truck is running. So yes he is getting 11 cents but that's for time the other driver is driving too.

There is a chance that he is right that he isn't making THAT much money but who in the right frame of a mind drives over the road for McDonald's income.

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