Monday, January 21, 2013

Follow thru

I had wrote a long blog post about Alex and then quickly deleted and saved it for another time because I forgot to add something that had been on my mind.

I have to wonder if my words about my son come off to harsh. I do worry about my son someday reading my words and reading about only the negative stuff and I don't get my care and concern off good enough to see past all the negative talk.

I was talking to my best friend who has children pretty close to the same age as my kids and we both agree we suck at making on our promises when it comes to if you do this... this will happen.

If we don't come through with conquences then we are not doing any of our children any favors.

The other night Alex came in at midnight when is the time that we lock the doors on my work night. Alex said, when you are going to bed. I said, I do not know. Why? He says cause neighbor wants me to help him paint the house and if your not going to bed I can go back over there.

Other nights we have slacked and let it go and left the door unlocked. I admit that it's wrong to do this to Alex. We have to stick to what we say. Plus I have bad dreams. I basically told Alex he could go over to the neighbors but it was his risk if the door was going to be open or not. He choose to stay in.

Another thing we have going on and not sure what to do about it but it appears that Alex is always walking in the room when he is home and awake about every 10 minutes or 15 minutes. We almost feel like he is trying to catch us doing or hear our converstations. Or it honestly be that he can't sit still and his bored.

When we got to bed.. no matter the time.. Alex is always coming up to use the bathroom 5 to 10 minutes after we climb into bed. He even told me good night about an hour and half before we went to bed.

I don't know if it's odd timing and he is turning in about the same time as we do or there is something else going on.

My son does a lot of stupid lies and I will try to write about them. My reason isn't jsut to talk bad about him but maybe other people can tell me if this is typical or not. It's a lot of not taking responsibility even if it's just saying damn I screwed up.

Right now Alex is mad at his Dad. My children's father promised his little brother a drum set and that hasn't happened yet. I heard Alex trying to get Stephen to realize that his Dad has promised things again and again. And also pointed out that Dad bought himself an toy for himself. IPad or something.

I love how Alex is getting upset by seeing his Dad doing the same thing to his brother. Some people just never learn. Don't make promises to children. I guess it's similar to making a rule and not following through. So that's my goal to make sure I don't allow my rule to be broke. But my question my husband always asks me if he knocks on the door and he freezed to death is it our fault? and could you really refuse to open the door for your grown child when they are knocking?

Alex has been told that this would all end when he has a job and is paying his way.

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