Thursday, January 3, 2013

I am going to file with the courts tomorrow to ask the courts to adjust child support based on my child's father's new job. Also will be requesting arrangments to be made for the child support that is behind. The good news is that its policy that if he gets time off that they double up on child support to make up for the missing payment. The ironic part is that they told me this after not doing it and then did turn around and take 3 payments from one check. However, they are breaking the payments in half due to his job paying weekly compared to the old job bi weekly.
I am nervous about starting this battle again and praying he doesn't get a bring idea to try for custody of Stephen to avoid paying. I will not let that happen!! My son has never lived with his dad since he was 5 or so and has never done the back and forth and we are not going there.

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