Friday, January 4, 2013

The date is set!

I did it! I went and filed in court to drop Alex from child support and to request an adjustment on the support based on his new job. I also put in an request for my X amount of dollars that he is behind.

The date is the middle of next month. I went with plenty of time so no excuses about him not being able to be there. I didn't send them off yet. I will do that tomorrow.

I took Alex with me and I got his bus pass for ten rides and he has a bus schedule. Plus I gave him the money his Grandma gave him for Christmas. I suggested he use it as spending money so in some of the places he applies in he can casually get a soda or whatever and check on his application.

He told me he isn't sleeping the best. Says it's kind of cold in the basement and he gets all wrapped up and wakes up sweating. I am not sure what do about all of that. One of my regrets in house shopping is sort of not finding a 3 bedroom house in my price range.

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