Saturday, January 26, 2013

mini vacation

It's no secret that I spend quite a bit of time at the YMCA. It's probably about 6 to 8 hours a week. It may not seem a lot but with working full time I think it's quite a bit.

I try to bring Stephen when his school work allows the extra time. He seen an movie event at the Y that is watching Nemo in the pool and wants to go.

I looked into it and it's a day that I normally have to work. It happens to also be the same day I go to court for child support. My luck it's his weekend with his father so I had to ask if he would mind if he came over late. I was suprised he said yes because it is court date and all so he has to be in town plus I figure he isn't happy with me.

So I get to ask for the day off. I plan on taking the Saturday off too because there is a zumbathon that I had considered asking time off to go. I figured I would treat myself to the time off as a way to destress from the tension that I might experience leading up to court and after court.

All in all it will give me a four day weekend from my job!! I hope my job approves it. They have been pretty good about handling time off requests.

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