Sunday, January 6, 2013

size 12

I was given a gift card today from the church I babysit for on Sunday morning for Christmas. They just gave it to me today and that means that every person (meaning clients and church) gave me a gift of some sort.

I feel so honored to get thanked in this way. It's been unexpected but well received. I have used the majority of the money for myself.

Today I went to get me some towels because I am tired of my son stealing mine LOL I went with purple and there is no way they can think the purple one is his since all the rest of the towels tend to be white or tanish.

I got in the shopping mood and deciced to try on some jeasn. I been wearing size 14 since I was about 35 lbs down but didn't buy it until I was 37 lbs down.

I am now 46.5 lbs done and wanted to try on size 12. I took two different styles. One was book cut and the other was regular size 12 jeans. I really didn't think that it would fit but what the hell. The boot leg didn't button until I did it on just my hips and stuff my tummy inside. It didn't look too well. The size 12 regular actually pulled up and zipped well.

I couldn't hold back! I bought the jeans and the towels which was about double of the gift card but I just went for it. I love how my husband hasn't tried to hard to cut my spending. It's not that I been spending tons. This is only my second brand new pair since I was a size 20.

I got fitted and bought fancy bras that are actually the right size but all that came from gift money.

I owe all the thanks to myfitnesspal. It's been an eye opener and has really made a difference in my life. I been at this since feburary 12th. My goal was one pound per week and I think I am right on target with my goal. I am 3 and half pounds away from my 50 pound loss. Go me!!

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Wendy said...

That's very nice that you were given some Christmas gifts from work/church. Always nice to be thanked. :) I always appreciated gifts my students would give me, too.

Congrats on buying jeans a size smaller! That's wonderful. And very nice to treat yourself, too - you deserve it!