Monday, October 3, 2011

Your all gonna get tired about hearing about my retreat but oh well. We had pizza for dinner and it was announced that they had raised enough money to give 12 people massages and they drew names and mine was the first one drawn.  I thought that was pretty exciting.
So, not only was there cherry body wash, cherry lotion and cherry body spray on my bed but I was getting a free massage the next day. I had couple of women that I clicked with who happen to have kids on the spectrum of Autism but at different ages and stages of the game of life. My son is the oldest and has beat the odds that were stacked against him that he wouldn't talk. We were are no longer using signs and PECS to communicate with him. But we got each other. There children remind me of how far we have come and I hope that my son's ability gives them hope for better days. Not that there kids don't bring them joy but the fact that my son had some of the very same struggles and is better in most of those areas now. I think the hardest part of autism is that it is such a wide spectrum and not one child is the same.

About 10 30 or so... we put in a movie but none of us made it till the end of it. We all just basically got too tired and went to bed. At first, I had a hard time sleeping cause some of the rowdy Mom's were still up having a good time but I did take a sleeping pill so that helped. So, actually I slept very well considering it wasn't my bed and I wasn't in the same room with my husband. 

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