Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I had a couple weeks off of volunteering for MELD due to stuff happening. My sister can't volunteer on a regular basis anymore cause of a new job that won't work around volunteering. I personally don't know if I would take a job that couldn't be flexible but I understand her desire to find a new job and hope it all goes well for her. I hope she can drop in from time to time cause I love spending time with her.

We had 8 children and one slept the whole time in the second room. I think it's called the baby room. We have a new older child that can talk but is really needy and cries but is easily comforted and is always asking "where is my Mommy" or "where is his/her Mommy" She is a doll.

We still have one baby that just cries and cries but this week he did drink a whole bottle from me and went to sleep when I went into the baby room. I couldn't do that until I got the driver to come back because only two of the five people they recruited to volunteer showed up. Lesson: if you commit to volunteer be there. I have had such bad turn outs that my husband wonders if I could get a job there.

The two women who got kind of cocky about how they could make the cry baby quit crying seemed to not even want to try to take him from me so I think they learned their lesson that they weren't better than me or my sister but he was liking us better cause he knew us and not them.

It did seem like almost every baby was crying and one of the volunteers was scared of the children going poop or pee. She said she didn't know how to help. I find it weird cause she isn't super young, but I really don't know much about her.

When we were all leaving.. one said I can't say this was fun cause nothing I did worked and kind of asked themselves why they got themselves into this? I don't think wrongly for them thinking or saying this cause sometimes I feel that way too. Why do I keep punishing myself with all this crying? But then I think of how I have been the constant adult in the nursery for MELD and I can't just walk away. It's just not me. 

On Friday, I will be spending ten bucks at the dollar store for baby items for new followers. It will be fun to go shopping.

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