Monday, October 24, 2011


I am still volunteering for MELD. I don't know why I punish myself so badly. Lately, even though we have three to six volunteers we still get one or two children that just scream and scream. However, before all the kids came it was just me and two other ladies and one about the same age as me asked me how or why I got involved with MELD. I told her that I had a child young and my Mom basically forced adoption on me and I found my daughter on facebook and I needed something to take my mind off her. I said, I was so focused on her and I had to let her take her pace with things and thought MELD would be good cause I always believed that people should help young parents so it was time I did it. I told her how it's been very slow. It took almost a complete year to meet her in person and then almost another year to actually have dinner with her alone. It was nice to share my story but I do kind of think that I need a break from MELD. It's not fun anymore. It's crying and crying and it was my anniversary and nothing was fun about it. There is screaming going on at home and then I go into screaming. I feel stressed with everything.

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