Sunday, October 16, 2011

My most recent books that I have read

Let's Roll by Lisa Beamer. I seen this at the church rummage sale and I just had to get it. I read it very fast and it was very much a tear jerker. For those who don't know about this book Lisa if the wife of one of the passengers that was on Flight 93 and helped attack the terrorists so that the plane wouldn't crash into Capital building. It was the only plane that went down and didn't take other innocent lives with it.

Mommy told me not to tell by Cathy Glass is a story of a young boy who's Mom kept having children for them to be taken away from them. All the children looked very much alike and had learning problems. She did have one child that looked very different and escaped the learning problems and she rejected that baby at birth.  It turns out that the children were fathered by her father except for the one she rejected.

Cathy Glass is a Foster Mom and this is her second book that I have read. She sure does give me an idea of the horrors that children have been through and it's very sad. The ending of this book was a very nice one but just any case anyone wants to grab a copy of this book I won't spoil the end. 

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