Sunday, October 9, 2011

what kinds of books do you like to read

Do you think the type of books people read have anything to do with their personality? My coworker seen the book I was reading and it's basically about abuse but from reading the front and back it's one of the those feel good stories where the person abused doesn't let it consume her life. I am not all that far into the book.
I was reading a part where the parents were splitting and two kids went to live with the Dad and one went with his Mom. It made me tear up and I don't have a clue on why it effected me the way it did.

Well, anyways, I was talking to this coworker, I have a habit of running my mouth and getting home late. I told her I am drawn to reading sad books but I enjoy them better if things turn out happy in the end. She told me her sister likes to read the saddest books you can find as in everyone dying. Her words not mine.

I told her that I wonder if the people that crave to read sad stories are hurting on the inside but they put on a happy face and need to read or see something sad to allow the emotions to flow to cry. So, basically, your not really crying cause of a sad thing in the book but the sad thing in the book triggered the emotions that are held inside of you.

She told me she wonders if that is what her sister is doing. She is always acting super happy but did have an eating disorder and came hours within dying.

So, she asked me if the happy personality is a fake and you don't really know the real person. I said, I believe in certain cases and people that yes, I can put on a happy face and but inside I am fuming. But I couldn't say anything about her sister cause I don't know her.

I already found my next sad book. It was at the church that I babysit for for a donation. It's called Let's roll. So, what kind of books do you like to read? I mentioned that I do like the sad books but they have to tell a story and show emotions. I don't like a book that maybe about abuse or murder and it's just about of facts of dates or numbers ect. 

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