Friday, October 14, 2011

My confession

When I got to my retreat I met a couple of other Mom's that had been to the retreat before and I didn't feel right. I felt like the 3rd wheel. Then, I met the other two Mom's who like had never been there before. So, I hung out with them most of the time. I did have two short conversations with the other Mom from the other group.  I am going to name her Bug for this post.
She friended me on FB and has been bugging me every since. She wanted to hook up on Sunday and since I didn't have kids I thought what the heck. So, we hung out for a couple hours and her husband was there too but mostly he hung out on his own.
Bug is talking to me through FB at every chance she can get. She comments on every post I make on FB. She thinks she has me down. Ugh! I don't mind getting to know someone but is a little too much. Even though, we had just seen each other on Sunday, she wanted me to hang with her on Thursday.
I work two jobs.One 40 hours and one for two and I volunteer for two. More importantly, I have a family and I don't have a lot of spare time. Sure, I spend too much on FB but that's not quite the same as always be gone. I am in between my two clients right now.
Maybe, I am really satisfied with what I have going for me when it comes to friend's. Or, is it something else. This is the same girl that I felt like the oddball and started to cry.

I been overly emotional this last week. My job just drains me. It's all emotional stuff. Some of it is just amazing. I just came from a Christian concert with a pianst and a guy that was singing like Opra. Spirtial music always makes me sad. I don't know why.

Back to Bug. I hate it that she seems to think she knows me. I hate it that she is all over everything I say. I worship the ground my daugher walks on and I am not all over her stuff as much as Bug is on me. I could use some breathing room.

Any suggestions on how to get Bug to back off a little?? Please!!

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