Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas already?

My oldest son is telling me he wants a laptop for Christmas? Is he crazy? I have five children to buy Christmas if I count my step children and why shouldn't I count them? Plus, I have my grand daughter that I want to buy a gift or two for. I think requests like a laptop just spoil the joy in Christmas. I remember when the boys were little and they would ask Santa for something like a cop or or a train. I remember hunting down the perfect cop car or train and miss how easy it was to please them with gifts. It got me thinking about my volunteering for MELD and makes me want to repeat what I did last year and get gifts for the children. However, I want to do it more on my own and ask the Mom's that I see to write their children's names down and ages and go from there. If anyone feels like they want to help this year please don't let me stop you. However, I am thinking of a smaller scale of funds being available because I can't afford to spend a whole bunch myself. But for me personally, I would rather spend some of my cash for MELD's children that spend all of my Christmas funds on my teenager. It doesn't mean that I don't love him or wish I had money coming out my ears but that's not my reality.

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