Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mom's retreat part one

I get there and they have the read carpet theme going cause the Theme of the weekend was Stars! They have a few men to carry our bags up to our room. I met a couple Mom's who knew each other and a third Mom comes up that knew them. I was feeling out of place and went to my room to unpack. I was feeling so sad and then I found a letter from my husband and started to cry. It's funny now to think about it but for a brief moment or two I really felt alone.

I know this may sound strange but it wasn't my kids that I was having a hard time being away from. It was my husband. I am used to being away from my kids. Hello. Adoption. Hello Divorce makes me share kids. But in all the years I been with my second husband, I have never been out on my own like that.

It's been a lot to process and am I am just going to leave you with just the beginning of my weekend.

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Wendy said...

I'm sorry you felt alone; I hope it got better after that...