Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Izzy

This weekend will be our third year living in our own house. Buying a house was a huge thing for me. When I was growing up until about the 4Th grade my parents owned our house. Then, they lost it for some reason. My Mom moved us around a lot and it was really bad. It was a time before parents had any kind of say of what school the kids went to. So, every time we moved, I had to change schools. It was hard on me.
I noticed that I was doing the same thing to my kids. We moved around. It wasn't like my Mom, but we still didn't have any place to really be satisfied with staying at for more than a few years. At our last apartment we were breaking the rules by owning too many animals. When we found our house and were waiting for it to close I was a nervous wreck. Our house couldn't be more perfect for our animals. It could use a extra bedroom, but I am not complaining. I just love our house and our neighborhood.It's the kind of neighborhood where the children are free to play. Most of the parents welcome the children in their yards and feed them treats and such. It's full of more girls than boys and that sometimes gets Stephen upset, because girls can be moody. I tell him someday he will love all the girls, but he says otherwise.
We are thinking of pulling up the carpet in the living room and putting some flooring down. We normally are not the type who can do things on our own. Today, I decided to try to get a peek of what is under the carpet in the bedrooms. It looks liked a hard wood floor so I just kept pulling it up. Now instead of a project in the future, it's something I got to do now, because there is a huge space where I ripped up the carpet. Stephen helped a little pulling it up. Its not everyday that a boy gets to destroy something. I am pretty excited. I love hard wood floors. I wonder why they would hide it under carpet. I hope this doesn't back fire on me and be a huge hole or really bad wood in there. Only time will tell. At least it's our house and no landlord can get mad. Maybe I will become a expert at home improvements and make our house feel even more like us. Izzy, I hope all your dreams come true. I hope we meet again.


Jill said...

I stumbled across your blog from another, and wanted to stop and say HI. I have only read your first post, so I am not sure yet where you "are", but I just wanted to THANK YOU. It is because of parents like you, that parents like me can raise children. I have not, and will not, EVER forget that part of adoption.
I will continue to read through your posts, and say extra prayers for the selfless out there such as you!
Hugs, Jill

kalibug said...

Wow, hardwood floors. Gosh I want that but our house is wood and my hubby just thinks that is too much wood, but I hate our carpet!! My dad was in the military and I moved around so much. My husband had the same childhood except his father was a pastor and moved around a lot. I know it is hard, but as we get older, it does prepare us for changes and such. It wasnt easy though. I still remember moving between 11th and 12th grade and having to attend the rival school. I hated that school so much. There were clicks and people were so uppity about people not staying "where they belonged". I really didnt like it. The school I went to beforehand, longer than I have ever been in a school system, was so friendly. Gosh, I am rambling again. Hope we see pictures of the floor when it is done. And thanks for the kind thoughts on my blog.

Karen said...

So sweet. Cool about the hardwood. We had the same thing happen. We were walking through our house on a house-hunting day and curiously pulled up a corner of the gold carpet and discovered beautiful hardwood underneath. We bought the house, refinished the wood and we're very happy with it. If you need any tips just let me know :)