Tuesday, June 23, 2009

advice please

I am working as a live in caregiver for a company and I take care of a 98 year old couple. I am debating quitting and moving on to a more paying job but will be sad to not have the rewarding job. The reasons I want to quit are to make more money for my family. My husband hours are never real stable. As soon as I think it's going good with his job he gets a few extra days off. Also, I am tired of going to work for 24 hours at a time. I do this three times a week. Where I believe I can get in will pay me more money, because I could take the less appealing hours, but it would mean that I am home for my son. I don't know what to do.
I have been with my clients for two years. I wanted to stay with them until they pass away. But the problem is that we expect the man to go first and then it's up to her family what happens to her. In a matter of a few days, I could be without a client. That will mean no paycheck. I can't afford for that to happen, but it seems so cruel to back out now, because I am fearful of their death. don't get me wrong. I love them and I will be very upset about their passing. Also, pretty freaked out about finding one of them dead. I feel bad for them, because caregivers willing to work 24 hours are hard to come by.
I am so stuck in the middle. Do I do right by them and risk my income. Or do I move on while I still can. I am tired of working the 24 hours, but also upset that I can't count on my husband to do his share. It's freaking damn near 100 degrees are air is broke and I can't afford to even buy a couple fans. I am not the type to get one for myself and not my son. With this job during the long training, I will make less money and there is a chance that the training hours will intervere with my husband's hours when he gets them.
What would you all do if you were in my shoes. Stay with the couple or try for the new job?


RB said...

I would look for a new job. Even though, you love this couple, your family's stability should come first. Maybe, on the weekends you could pop in for a cup of coffee and visit with them? That way, you are still in contact and be doing a good thing by offering them company.

BB said...

I don't think the money thing is such an issue(I'm not motivated by money) as long as you can survive, but for me the 24 hour shifts would be the deal breaker for me (I am motivated by TIME OFF!!:) ).

I think you should look for something and if you find something that calls to you then you will know! Is that even advice? I don't know. But I would look for something else and if you make more money, its just gravy!
(but I also think it is easy to say that for me becuase i don't know have a connection to your clients... ya know?)