Saturday, June 20, 2009

After my son met Izzy's brother, I got to thinking about if I should show my son the pictures that I found in the school's year book. One of my biggest reasons for not showing him was the chance that she didn't know if she was adopted or not. I figure since I am 100% sure she must know that why not show him. Afterall, I have sent pictures of my sons and the two boys met. So, I showed him the pictures. He didn't have too much to say. He did comment that her appearance has changed from picture to picture and that she looks tall. I feel better about being more out in the open with what little I do know. Also, he said Thanks for showing them to me.
My biggest concern over my kids and Izzy is wondering what kind of relationship will they have if any. I would hope that they all have a interest in each other, but I can't let the sister/brother relationship effect how our relationship can be. So, in other words if one child doesn't want to know the other it doesn't mean I am going let that bother me too much.

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