Friday, June 19, 2009

adoption all over

Yesterday, was one of those days that adoption seemed everywhere. When I say that I mean little and big reminders of Izzy and her adoption.

  • Newspapers ads for adoption bug me! I do understand that it's thier right to place them there. However, never should couples promise financial secuity for the child. Unless you have millions somewhere you just don't know.
  • I called my office to tell them something and a girl named Izzy answers the phone. It just bugs me. I wanted to run up there and see if by odd chance she got a job there. I was working so that was out of the question.
  • I was looking for a number for a airport that gives free airplane rides once a year and going down the page of business. I spot two business sporting the last name of my daughter. Damn! it bugs me. It makes me want to go there to see if they own them. One of them is right up the alley of what my aunt and Mom are into so it could be and the other one who knows. It's not that I am crazy and just want to follow them around. I would just love to know with what kind of interest was my daughter raised with. Even though, it bugs me. I understand that it would''t be right to go check it out.
  • Lastly, when I went to bed, at work, (seems weird to say haha) I was flipping through the tv stations and this show Mom at 16 was on. I guess it's a series. The young girl had a baby an was living at home with Mom and getting some help from Mom, but mostly was learning how tired you get to be a Mom. I think it did a good job not glamorizing having a baby young. I think it's great that shows like that our out there for teens to see. Would it make them stop having sex or be more careful I don't know. I can't help from thinking of my daughter and the what if's if my Mom have been more supportive to me.
  • I guess the best part of all this stuff is that while it does get me thinking about adoptiona and Izzy it's not making me too upset.


kalibug said...

I fixed the code. Thank you for telling me about it.

I am so sorry that yesterday was such a hard day for you.

Amyadoptee said...

As an adoptee it bugs me when newspapers and other forms of media give adoption agencies free advertisement. Bethany and Gladney get a lot of it.

It drives me insane. I try not to gag on much of what they have to say.