Monday, June 8, 2009

Sometimes the hardest part of asking help is just making that first step to ask. It's been a while since I went to the adoption counsler at the adoption agency. I admit that I feel guilty like I am taking them away from the birth parents who just recently became birth parents. This isn't something I pay for and it comes from the grants from the state. I do wonder does the state pay for the women who placed their child through them for adoption.
Today, I decided to call. I am not super depressed but I have a bad need to talk to someone face to face about what's on my mind. I do have a couple people, but I always wonder do they really want to hear it. I say that because they never ask questions or bring up adoption first. I am not going for another couple weeks, because of our conflicting obligations. I think I will try to set up monthly appointments so that I can be on the safe side and have counseling as a option just in case something bad happens because of this past week.


BB said...

I don't think you should feel bad AT ALL for using those services. I don't think that your situation is one that you eventually get over. There are times when it will be easier to handle and times it will be more difficult.

When we chose our agency, lifelong counseling for all parties was one of the most important things we considered. I am a huge proponent of counseling!

Melody said...
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kalibug said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments today! :-)

Do not feel guilty about seeking help. Please do seek counseling when you feel up to it. It helps to talk out what is bothering you and even better if these are professionals who can help feel better. Please do this before you are super depressed. I am so very sorry that you are going through this.

Sorry, I posted this twice, which I deleted the first. The first time, I just used an email account, and not my blogger address one.