Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A couple days ago, I went to my counseling session at the adoption agency. It had been March since the last time I seen her. It was also the first time I seen her, because the other one was laid off from her job.When I had seen her in March, I had just written a second letter to Izzy's adoptive parents along with some pictures. I kept it much shorter and asked that they reply one way or another so I would know that they recieved it.
Since also the last meeting, I learned that my son met their biological son who happens to be Izzy's brother. She was really impressed with the improvements that I have made. I have found a little peace. I was able to get my answer to does she know that she is adopted. I feel that by reading so many adoptive parents blog and seeing the love in your eyes and words for your children that I have come to the conclusion that if they are operating their fear out of love for Izzy then that is just okay.
I also am not so much in a panic that I have to meet Izzy right after she turns 18 years old. I can accept waiting a while. It's not that I want to wait, but I can do it for Izzy.
There are a few other areas of the hurt that she would like to help me feel better. She feels that I want change, but I tend to just stay in what is comfortable with me.
We talked quite a bit about Izzy's birthday coming up in the fall. She thinks it's important that I find a way to always celebrate her birthday. I have plans for the balloons but I was thinking of doing even more. I will explain at a later date.


RB said...

I can't wait to hear about your "other" plans for Izzy's birthday. I love your balloon idea by the way.

Jenn said...

that is so fabulous that the agency is open to you, even after all this time.

birthmothertalks said...

The best part of the being open to me is that I didn't even place through her. It was all done private with the lawyer's of the adoptive parents. This same agency provided me free counseling way back when it first happened after the counslor at my school seen that my Mom didn't do it.