Saturday, June 6, 2009


I wanted to wait until I spoke with my son before I posted any details. At my husband's advice, I waited for my son to bring it up. It's the story. It's the final day of school,on the bus ride homem there is this boy. (who I will just call boy) talking to another kid how his parents adopted his sister and he was a mistake. He heard the boy say that "the parents were too young to take care of her" So, my son, without knowing that Izzy's parents had a boy, tells him that's weird, because my Mom had a girl and couldnt keep her because she was too young. They get to talking for a minute and they compare first and middle names and the ages of boy's sister and my son telling the name and age of Izzy (his sister) It turns out it's the same GIRL!!!! My son has been riding with boy all year long and it's Izzy brother. Wow! He said boy didn't seem too interested in talking to him, but thought it was more because he wanted to get back to the other kid he was talking with. Also, what makes it more real is that my son knew Izzy's last name. I never told him that information. So, he now knows that Izzy is living really close to him. I told him that I have always known that, but didn't tell him where she lived because I didn't want him looking for her. He acted like I was crazy for thinking he would look around for her. The last bit of information is that boys first name is the same as the adoptive Dad's.
I really don't know what to think about this. I suppose if they read my letters and then hear that their son met my son then they won't feel so threatned if they see me going past their place. After all, I did give them a heads up that my son was attending the same school that they child might be. My biggest dream is that if the boy tells his parents that Izzy's parents will start thinking of us as REAL people.
This of course got more adoption talk going and this is all the grown ups fault, because no one should have told any of these kids this stuff until they are older. He then reminded me on how they might change Izzy's school, because I am causing trouble and that he doesn't want another person in his life. There is where my husband and I have some really deep issues. I would trade my parents off to know Izzy. Ha! maybe even my husband.


BB said...

The adoption talk at school is really scary. Actually, most places it is scary because so many people are ignorant and insensitive!

I think it is cool that your son had this interaction. It confirms a lot of things. I would be really sad and dissapointed if Izzy's parents changed their schools or anything drastic because of this!!

birthmothertalks said...

From what I remember from living in their area for a short period of time in my life and what I read in the newspapers. There is only one middle school and one high school. In order for them to do something drastic and change schools they would have to go to a private school. This will be Izzy's last year and she has been in the same district since at least 7th grade so for them to move her now would be cruel.