Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We had part two of an assessment done for Stephen. The results are that we all scored him high for ADD. We are going to probably end up seeing another doctor there that can prescribe medication if we choose to go this route. I don't want anymore medication but I can't deny that he has a problem. He said that with ADD it's harder to tell if the medication is working or not and I don't want to use medications if people can't tell the difference from night and day.

We went on a school day again and I don't want to make a habit out of it. I noticed other children that we had seen two weeks ago there again. School days are for school. I told the doc how the one week when we had two appointments one with him and one with the lady that is going to be doing counseling with my son that it really just set our week off. My son tends to thinking that clinic = fast food and it was on his mind all week. It probably didn't help that we missed his lunch hour and stopped and got lunch. It helps that I now know that if he misses his lunch hour that they will still feed him.

The doctor suggests that we set up one day a week and not have going to fast food restaurants up in the air as we will go if we have time or go if we have money.. Ect. He says that maybe my son could even do something un school related to earn fast food.

The thing is that I see his point but I don't want to say that on every Monday we go get fast good. I really am trying hard not to eat it and it still amazes me the calorie count in that crap. I think his idea would take the stress off of the begging for it but not sure I want to feel like we have to get fast food cause it's Monday.

He said that he liked the way we handle his fits that he throws when he gets mad and wouldn't suggest we do anything different.

I really don't know if I want to continue going to this clinic or not. If the counselor continues to be able to work in in on non school hours then I am okay with that. However, if he is going to need to see doctors for medication and then to judge how the medication is going and missing school left and right I just can't accept that on a normal basis.

The doctor did suggest that we don't give in to the children's father wanting him every weekend. He said he thought it was too much and that we need to have Stephen home for times besides the daily grind of getting to waking up.. eat breakfast.. take medication.. brush teeth.. go to school.. come home do homework.. play or watch a little bit of tv... eat dinner... take medication... brush teeth.. go to bed and then do it all over again.

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April said...

If you do decided to try medication, one common side effect of Ritalin is weight loss (loss of appetite). It might help with both the ADD and the food issues.