Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I heard about an 9/11 operator was sleeping on the job and a caller who called could hear him snoring. They were talking about how the operator snoring was bad and wrong it was and all and how it caused confusion even when another operator picked up and he/she could hear the snoring. She thought it was the victim. In the end, no one was hurt by this person sleeping.

However, it did mention that the snoring operator was on his 17 hour of working. They just said it but didn't say no more or less about the fact that he had been working for 17 hours. I don't care how good of an employee you are at your job or how hard you try to stay awake you can't work 17 hours and still do a good job. We need to sleep and I would think anything longer than a 12 hour shift for is too long.

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