Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 15th

My husband had wrote on May 15th that it was T Day.. not using his name for privacy reasons... I thought it was just to humor us because of Mother's Day and my birthday being in May. I remember thinking to tease him cause it was T day but I went to work and forgot about it.

At dinner he reminded me what May 15th was and why it was T day. It's been three years since he quit drinking. Honestly, I still remember it was in May but had forgotten the actual day that I got the phone call that he was in the hospital from having a seizure.

I am really proud of him but his situation is different than it might be for some alcoholics because he doesn't have the cravings to drink. I am wondering if the seizure did something to alter his thinking.

So Happy birthday to my husband... better late than never.

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