Monday, May 28, 2012


This Friday Alex officially gradates from high school. He will have a small gradation and then cake and punch at the school. We tried to have a small party for him on Sunday but his Dad wanted to have it at the church that they attend. While, I didn't have an issue with having a party with his Dad being there and helping plan it together... I just didn't want to be it a party where we bring our own meat. He said they would be having a cookout and we would just bring our own meat. I don't know if the cook out at the church was related to my son's gradation but I wanted to feel like my husband and I had a part in planning it.

I have decided to have a party at my house Monday evening and mostly plan on having everyone hang outside. I wanted to be able to invite people and not to say you have to bring your own meat. I haven't figured out all I am planning on doing. Right now, I am debating between cheap pizzas and soda or chicken from walmart or just have some cookies or cupcakes. My son's father was was suppose to have a cake made and it was an agreement that if we paid for the cap and gown that he would get the cake.

I don't know if my son's father will even show since we have went against his idea of the party being at the church. The very good news is that Izzy is going to be in town and most likely will stop over for the party.

We often try to do include my ex husband in the children's stuff but it almost always causes more stress that I personally think it's worth. I don't mean the worth of having their father but just the stress it causes all of us trying to come to an agreement.

I keep thinking about what to have and I just am not sure. I can't afford to spend too much money and it is summer so that is an issue with storing food if it's sitting out for too long.

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