Saturday, May 5, 2012

8 weeks ago, I took Alex to get a few clothing items and finally decided to get a newer tv. I put a 32 inch flat screen with dvd player on lawaway and Alex suggested we keep it a secret. I didn't know if I could pull it off cause it would be 1/3 of my check every other week for 8 weeks. I get paid weekly. It wasn't easy and I couldn't get my nails or splurge too much anywhere else but I made the payments.
Yesterday, Alex was with me and we picked up the tv and I asked my husband to come out and look at something in the car. It was the tv!! See, at one time, we were renting a tv and it was expensive and we had to let it go. Now, it's our tv and we don't have to feel like we can't afford it anymore. I love layaways. It makes things a little more affordable.
My husband loves his (our) I let him just say his tv very much. We put our dinosoar tv in the garage for summer time veiwing.
I can't wait to watch a movie on it. Anyone rent any good movies lately? We don't pay for tv besides netflix.

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