Wednesday, May 9, 2012

little of this and that

It seems like the stress level around my sons just kind of goes in waves. I know that a lot of times... I just need to be more patient. Last night, Stephen filled his humidifier and asked my help on putting the water part on the base. I turned it upside and water poured out on his dvd player and some of his papers. I yelled at him and after he went to bed I kind of felt bad. He can't help it that he is silly and doesn't do things perfect. As much stress that Stephen gives us through being a silly kid who is living in a fast paced world even though he moves in turtle speed... I got to remember that it's not easy for him either.

I been noticing things in him that I have to say are little examples of him growing and thinking of others. Sometimes, he says things that might come off mean but I know it's not normally his intention. The other day, I heard him tell my husband when a commerical was on for men to get rid of the gray. He says to his stepdad maybe you should get some of that but not trying to be mean.

He has been a little more accepting that we all like green peppers and onions and hasn't been complaining about it. He even ate them in the chicken fajitas just asked me not to put the real big ones on it.

Today, he was asking me to borrow him money cause it's Mother's Day coming up and he would pay it back. Then, he turns around and asks his stepdad to talk to him alone. I missed out on him asking cause I was goofing with my phone but I did hear him say in your bedroom. So darn cute. He talks very loudly and I got parts of the conversation but it's okay.

Things seem to be a little less stressed over Alex too. In a matter of a week, he broke our railing to the stairs and the handle on our door moving furniture and it ticked me off really bad. But we told him he has to pay for the parts for it to be fixed. I joked around that he had to pay 135 for the labor. That's what Sears would have charged us to fix our stove an hour if we didn't have our home warranty. I think my being ticked over the stuff broke was more of it all being the tip of it all.

He lost in his IPOD. The Xbox he said he repaired but it looks different. He broke his Kindle by trying to be cool and make it something it wasn't. We learned this when I took it away from him cause of him coming in at 2 am last week. My husband spent 3 days restoring it back to a kindle and I am really liking having a kindle.

I think with Alex I have to quit comparing my childhood to his childhood because they are very different. Yet, I do struggle with trying to come with an equal balance of it all. I don't want to be the kind of parent that does nothing but at the same time I don't want to do too much for him.

I have been very lucky that my husband tried hard with my children. He isn't working but he does his fair share between the kids and the house. He has been really supportive of making the YMCA fit into our life. I go anywhere between twice a week and at the most five. I would say it averages out to be 3. I have been trying harder to include Stephen and my husband things if Stephen goes Alex should go. I have been going to Zumba so we are not really hanging out. I really don't mind bringing them with me as long as I still get to on once in a while on my own. My husband and I are sort of different in our personality types. I am not a home body. I enjoy my work but also want and need to do things outside of work. I get out with friends and never felt like he tries to keep me in.

I am sorry that this post was kind of all over the place. All is pretty well right now. Alex has his official graduation next month and I am excited but also not trying to think too much about it. I gradated at the same school and the gradation isn't all exciting like it would have been if he stayed in a normal school. I know in the end the gradation is such a small thing. I didn't feel like this school and it's the same one that I went to did really justice in motivating the children and how they delt with the students. I think it takes a special person to teach at a place like that.

Well, I rambled on long enough.

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