Friday, November 19, 2010

Yuck, National adoption awareness day

I seen a big printed statement on the back of the GO section in our paper. It was from Lutheran services thanking foster parents and adoptive families.
Where was the thanks to the people that choose adoption for their children? Do the children just appear out of thin air so there isn't much of a reason to thank them.

It's sad in this day and age the birthparents are so easily forgotten.


Sheyann said...

How tragic and horrible indeed! Very disheartening!

Life with Kaishon said...

We should thank the ones that gave the babies. We should thank them every single day.

I feel so sad every time I come here because your sadness is palpable. It is so hard for me to think about adoption now with the girls I work with. Many are so young and living in such terrible neighborhoods with little or no support. I don't know what to tell them or advise them anymore. I do think of you each time one of them is confronted with the idea of adoption.

Lori said...

The what? You really have to be kidding right? In any day an age it is pathetic that the people that gave life to a child are the ones so easily this day and age? Reality check, in any day and age.

We are judged by the way we treat those of us that have the most need....elderly, children, women....What do you think that says about us?

Wendy said...

Sounds like that article was poorly written.

I know that I appreciate our dd's birthparents so much. I try to tell her that as often as I can.

I'm thinking of YOU today, too, and hope that you have a good day.

birthmothertalks said...

Hey guys, it really wasn't even a story. It was just on the back of the paper celebrating national adoption day and was giving a big thanks to the foster parents and adoptive parents.
It did bug me because I felt like they only acknowledge the children and adoptive parents.
Life with Kaishon, I am doing much better these days. I know my daughter now and that makes a big difference. Plus, my work with MELD is a big pick me up. It's sad when women face on unexpected pregnancy and don't have much of support system. Adoption changes people and maybe some do come out with better stories than mine but it's just a big risk.
Lori, I like to think that we have come a long way in the way adoptions are done, but I think it's still needs a lot of work. I think families should stick together.
Wendy, I am glad that your having a good relationship with your daughter's birthmom. Have you been to my private blog lately?

Pam said...

I think a lot of adoption awareness is being geared toward the children in foster care. Being a foster mom and family is way different than adopting an infant. Our family has done both and the mention of a few children's names can bring us all to tears.

You could call Lutheran Services and gently remind them that birth parents are a VERY important part of adoptions. I was adopted by my stepdad and even though my birth father left us, he is very important also.

Wendy said...

birthmothertalks - I can't find the link to your private blog...can you send it to me? is our email. Thanks :)