Thursday, November 4, 2010

adoption awareness month

I never really heard of such a thing until blogging. I was there was a birth control awareness month and be nice to birthmothers awareness month and Dad's have rights awareness month and don't be in such a hurry to grow up awareness month.

I have a few thoughts that I would like to throw out there to honor this month.

First, soon to be adoptive parents when the child is born that you hope to adopt... let the Mother have her time in the hospital. Even if she says that she wants you there. Give her the that time. Let her know that while you want to be there for the baby and her that you really should give yourself this time with your baby. Love on him or her and say your hellos and goodbyes. Don't let your fear that they might change their mind trick you into hogging the baby.

If you saying open adoption is what you want then have an open adoption. Treat the birthmother with the same respect that you would want if it was you. Keep your word. Don't sit on information about the child's birthparent or pictures because the child hasn't asked yet. don't make them ask. Make adoption be there normal. There is no reason why a grown adoptee shouldn't know that they have sisters or brothers out there when the information is within their reach.

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Lori said...

Unfortunately, and sadly, there are far to many prospective adoptive parents that don't get the need to just let things be the way they should be. Leave the mother time to be with the baby....not usually. Open adoption updates, always fall off.

If everyone acted the way and did what they should, it would be so much easier in life.