Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am calling out to the bloggers that scream anti adoption. I don't mean to offend you all but I see all the posts screaming about anti adoption and it's inspired me to call you to you to ask you to donate to MELD. They offer shelter,food, clothing, educational and work assistance. Even more so than all that, they help keep babies with their Mom's. These are Mom's who had no where else to turn and if not for them. I would say that some of the MELD Mom's would have had to choose adoption. If someone has no support and no options then it's adoption isn't a choice.

I am not anti adoption nor pro adoption. My daughter joined her family through adoption and is very happy and willing to get to know me. I couldn't bash adoption all around, because I have grown as a person and understand that sometimes it's just has to be.

However, I do believe in family preservation.I think adoption should be a last option. I don't think there should be stereo types that if your single you can't be a good parent or if you don't own that perfect house that you should choose adoption. I won't say that all a baby needs is love because anyone that has ever raised a baby to toddler stages, knows that it's not cheap. However, there are programs and you can find good used baby materials and equipment. I admit there are a few things that I wouldn't go used. Number one would have to be car seats.

So, I am asking that if your screaming anti adoption and you want to do something more than you are already doing to make things different for the generations to come. Click on the donate bottom and donate to MELD. I know it's not nation wide help. It's basically just my area and the areas around it. Women have been known to come as far as a few hours a way to get a place to stay with MELD. I would have happily left my town for a chance at raising my daughter. So, donate to this cause. It could be as simple as giving a buck or two. (the price of a cup of coffee) or maybe your feeling generous and want to skip out on ordering that pizza and want to give ten or more.

I believe all if not most of all the people that have donated have been adopted parents. Correct me if I am wrong.


Life with Kaishon said...

So sad. It hurts my heart to see how you are hurting.

birthmothertalks said...

I am actually doing really well. Not hurting much at all these days. I am not mad or upset that people blog what they do because everyone has a right to express their own feelings. However, I just wanted to challenge them to channel that energy into something else even if it was just the act of donating a few dollars to an organization. I kind of call it put your money where your money where your mouth is.. Once I did that by giving up my time and money to MELD did I finally start to feel some happiness again. I no longer only bitched about what was wrong in adoption but I was doing something about it. Again, not that I am anti adoption but I do believe in keeping families together!

birthmothertalks said...

I meant to say put your money where your mouth is.. I mean not to offend anyone by that statement because that's what I called my own act of doing something.

Campbell said...

I think you said it very well and didn't come across trying to convey your hurt. In fact, I think it's brave and caring to put your passion and cause before yourself.

It's not easy to ask for money even when it's on behalf of those who need it.