Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last night, at MELD went pretty well. We had the two newborns again, but one slept the whole time so that made it easier. I was able to feed and cuddle the other little guy. Also, was able to set him down and interact with the bigger kids.
There were a total of seven kids and three of us adults to watch over them. The child that screamed almost the whole time was so much better. He likes to work puzzles and that got one of the older child who is easily influenced by others to do puzzles too. The child that is the biggest and was causing most of the uproar is calming down a little more each week. Since, I use time out's now. He has been controlling his behavior better. He still does some of the bad behavior but corrects himself a lot better now. He doesn't like time out. I try really hard to interact with him and not just notice the wrong things.

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