Friday, November 5, 2010

I haven't been counting the weeks of going to meld this time. I just show up every Monday at 6 30 pm. This will be my 3rd ten week session of volunteering my time. I am debating call it quits for now. I have just been struggling with the older children. I really want to experience the pleasure of playing, holding children while I am there. I don't want to just be the person that is on them because they want to rough handle the toys, throw the toys, climb away. I want to hold the little girls, feed the little babies and even make sure the diapers are dry so when momma gets them home that she has less to do before bedtime. Does that make me selfish?
I know that I shouldn't let a few bad weeks make me quit a good thing. I honestly enjoy being with the children. I just don't want to feel like it's work. I want it to feel fun.
I have a paid babysitting job on Sundays for a church and that is only one or two children and it's so easy, but my heart has always been with Meld.
I take care of the elderly for a job and taking care of children is so different. It's fun. I am wondering if I should apply for a part time job at the Ymca.

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