Thursday, November 4, 2010

My oldest son who lives with his Dad but we have joint custody. It means equal rights. He calls me and says that he is sick and needs to be picked up. The nurse gets on the phone and tells me tha I am not on the list to get him and I have no rights to him. (to pick him up) I need to get my ex husband or ex mother n law to give verbal permission for me to do so. The ex husband is in class and won't leave and my mother n law has to take a long bus ride.
This ticks me off so bad. I refuse to call and make someone give me permission to get my son. I had/have one child who I am the mom but not the Mom and I refuse for it to be that way with another one.
As of right now, I am close to giving in and asking them to give the permission up so I can just get him and take him home to rest but it just stings. Also, this is the reality of my son wanting to live with a father that won't stop working or whatever he is doing to take care of a child. Oh and he drives a moterized bike and wouldn't be able to get him anyway.


A Life Being Lived said...

Why on earth does the school not allow you to pick him up! That isn't right. Can you bring them copies of your custody agreement so they can have it on file?

birthmothertalks said...

I don't know. I guess my ex didn't put me on the list to get him. I also didn't always want to be the first person called though, because we each custody of one child and it's a balancing act trying to be there for both. I see my son but I can't always jump when my ex doesn't do what he is suppose to do. Right now, he isn't being very responsible at all. He sold his jeep and bought a bike that takes gasoline. He is acting more like a single guy than one with children. I am tempted to try to get my teen to come live with me again but I am afraid that my ex has given him so much freedom that it will be pure hell having him live here under rules. My son sent me a text and said that Dad wanted him to come get him because then Grandma could clean his house. It's just crazy. My son complains about how they don't eat dinner at the table like we do and how they eat a lot of frozen meals compared to home cooked meals but I don't know if it's enough for almost 16 year old to really give up his freedom and his friends because he lives in another school district than me.

Leah said...

I'm so sorry. That must have been beyond frustrating for you. Especially since you are just trying to be a good mom to your child and pick him up when he's sick. Sorry you are having to deal with this. :(