Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The last couple sessions of babysitting for Meld hasn't been very easy. It's been downright hard and not fun. The whole three ten week sessions there has been a older child of 3. All the others have mostly been either under one. (not too often do I get babies but we do sometimes) The average age has been over one but walkers and beginning of talkers. This is the age that I like. The older boy does okay as long as he is the only older boy, but the few weeks there has been another older boy even older than him and they are running around like chickens with their head cut off. They are throwing toys, being rough with toys and climbing on things. Then, the toddlers see the behavior and if I am lucky play on their own or if I am not lucky smacks one of the wild children in the head because they can't throw as well.
My helper (he is a guy) was great with just the one older child but hasn't been good with two or three of them. Then, last night, another older child got dropped off and he cried the whole time. It didn't matter if I held him or rub his back or talked to him. He would cry. If I walked away to stop the stuff going on with the others, he would follow me and cry.
Finally, I got him to sit on my lap and we did about five puzzles and it was nice. I want to play with children, but it's just not been fun.
I did end up putting the oldest of the bunch in time out because I just had to get some control of it. Meld has been such a good thing for me and I hope it continues to be.

I took them this bag stuffed with baby clothes and some toddler clothes and the guy who drives the van took the clothes back with them. I hope they can find babies that can use them. It's so fun buying them.

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