Wednesday, September 15, 2010


On Monday night, I started volunteering for Meld again. This is my 3rd ten week session. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. It gives me great satisfaction in knowing that I am helping young Mom's and their babies stay together. I don't have a regular helper yet. So, the driver is helping. He does pretty good for a guy.
There were six kids. One new boy was only six weeks and the other new one was a girl and I wuld guess three months. We did have a student that was volunteering for the night only and she was a big help. Six kids is a lot especially if two are newborns.
The other four kids were from the last session or two. There is this little girl. I blogged about her. Well, she stole my heart a while back. She is so freaking cute and needs to be held before she will play. I am happy to take that job.
I kind of feel like that I am the main babysitter and the others are MY helpers! So, I always get first dibs on them. Also, it's know most of their names now.
I am also babysitting for a church on Sundays and want to hear something funny? I don't get the same satisfaction from it. Maybe it's because I am getting paid. It still doesn't feel like a job. I like the kids. But it doesn't give me the warm fuzzy feelings.

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