Thursday, September 2, 2010

It is my old teacher

I wrote her last night asking if she was the same Liz who was teaching in 1991 and she wrote me back yes. It never crossed my mind that she wouldn't remember me. Of course, I have a different last name. I haven't said who I am or why I was asking.

How do you say thanks to a teacher that home schooled me for six weeks when I didn't even have a home. We were staying in a hotel room. How do you say thanks to someone who came to the Dr with me for some scary tests because I had been dealing with an own known illness. How do you say thanks to someone who showed you care and compassion when you didn't have it at home? Not to say that my Mom and Dad didn't love me but they were not acting like parents. How do you say thanks to someone who listened to you crying because your daughter's family ran off and it just hit you that the promised pictures wouldn't be coming? I am not sure if there is any amount of thanks can repay her for what she did for me. When I think of that first year without my daughter. I have to take a double take. Did I really make it through that year? Some of it seems like a blur.. I think of all the cruel things. How my mother's family would yell at me for crying.. How my parents chose to pretend nothing happened and how much I missed her. To this day, I don't think I could walk through those school doors. A couple years ago, my son was starting the eight grade and had an event at the school and I just couldn't go. Normally, I can put my kids ahead of myself but that is one building that I just can't go back to. It was pure hell. But my memories always include Liz and the little things she did for me. It's kind of ironic that I think she actually rejected me. I guess I can't blame her. It's not as if I still look the same and my name is different. It's just kind of funny because rejection is on my problems in life. I have seen quite a bit of it, but this one, I think is kind of funny.



Oh, do write her and tell her! You can even send her the link to your lovely blog! If she knew who you really are, she'd love to hear from you, how well your doing, and your gratitude to her.

birthmothertalks said...

I did write to her and I told her who I was and asked if she remembered me. I didn't want to throw too much at her at once. So far she hasn't written me back yet. I told her how she home schooled me but I didn't go into real details. I will see if she writes back in a few days or not.