Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meld Fundraising

Rockford MELD provides information, education and support for families and youth in our community.

About Us

MELD is a non-profit social service agency started in 1981. MELD is supported through donations and through federal, state and local grants including United Way, Youth Services Network, the Department of Human Services, as well as through community contributions, in-kind donations and fundraising special events. Rockford MELD, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization - Federal Identification Number 36-3347409

MELD Mission

Rockford MELD’s Mission is “guiding young parents to build a strong family and lead a responsible life by providing shelter, education and life skills training”. Through our programs and services MELD offers support and resources, life and job skills training, parenting information, emergency shelter and housing. MELD provides programs for young parents and their children in our community.

Download our 2009 Annual Report (pdf)

MELD Partnerships

  • Partnerships with community individuals, churches and social service agencies are fundamental to the success of MELD programs.
  • Joint programming with local agencies and schools ensure that MELD families receive comprehensive and coordinated services.
  • Area churches assist MELD by hosting the Moms and Dads Groups.
  • Local housing developers coordinate with MELD to provide affordable and safe homes for MELD families.

Rockford MELD is a non-profit social service agency that is funded by Youth Services Network, United Way , Department of Human Services, federal, state, and local grants, donations of many individuals, churches, businesses and corporate partners and fundraising events.

MELD Facts

This past year (Fiscal Year 2010):

  • MELD at Trinity House Homeless Shelter housed, fed and clothed 54 mothers and children for a total of 2,855 bed nights.

    * A total of 512 mothers and children were turned away from the MELD at Trinity House Homeless Shelter due to lack of space

  • 106 mothers and fathers received parenting education, information and support in the MELD Moms and Dads Groups.
  • The MELD Transitional Living Program provided housing for 103 mothers and children for a total of 15,175 bed nights.
  • 51 young women received and/or completed work readiness, GED/educational assistance, tutoring, vocational training and/or were employed at local businesses and agencies.
  • 119 families were prevented from becoming homeless by being provided case management and/or housed through the Rapid Re-Housing Program.
  • Over 650 individuals volunteered with programs and events for MELD.

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