Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last night, my Dad called me and wanted to stop over. I actually rather him come to me late in the evening than me meet in during the day for coffee. Well, anyways, he is here and he mentions how he seen my Mom at the restaurant and sat with her. They are friends even though they divorced. I told him how I seen her driving right behind me. He asked, "Did you wave" I said, "No, I don't think she knew it was me" He said, "Someone has to break the ice" I said, "Dad, I have. I gave her flowers and a card on Mother's Day and not even a Thank you and how I stopped over in July and she makes zero effort. I said, that I am done trying. I will see her once or twice a year because she is my Mother and that's it.

He came over because his wife was being a bitch and he wants to leave her. However, he said that his step son is his son. That he raised him and that wouldn't change. He then went on to say that biological don't mean crap. I felt so little. My husband kind of came to my rescue and says it does mean something. A lot of emotional connections and feelings. It was sweet of him.

Then, when we were outside. My Dad asked me have I have ever heard him say something bad about my Mom. I said, no but sometimes I wish you would. He kind of laughed and pretended to play slap me. Then, he said how he doesn't understand what my Mom has against me. He basically thinks that I am the only one with an issue with her.

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