Thursday, September 16, 2010

I was at work tonight and I had a caregiver that had to shadow me. Basically just watch me do my job. Mostly, it's just show them what to look for in the log book and the paperwork. I don't spend too much time updating them on every detail of my client unless I am told that they will be coming back.
We got to talking about this and that and before you know it I was telling her about Meld and my part time job babysitting. I said, I have my reasons why it's what I do but I wouldn't tell my life story. She went on to tell me how she went to Meld and wished her daughter would go. Basically, she told me that her daughter placed her second baby for adoption. I quickly said, that my Mom made me and she admitted that she made her daughter. However, then she went on to say that it wasn't so much that she made her but that 9 months after the first which she was helping with there was a second baby.It's an open adoption and of course it's not been my experience. She then went on to say that she was pregnant again and giving this one to her sister. I felt kind of good and bad in a way. I felt bad that this woman doesn't know how to stop having kids until she is ready for them and how she said that they are giving this one to the sister like it was like giving someone loaf of bread.
I felt good that Meld is kind of becoming an opening for me. It can be a way to break the ice and share my story if I want to. This isn't easy for me. But I am tired of not being truthful to my life. I showed her the pictures of my daughter and she actually thinks she knows her or has at least seen her. I guess her son graduated at the same school. Maybe I do need to remember that Izzy and I do live in the same area. I hope it wouldn't cause any trouble if I showed them to the wrong people.

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